We will be needing these on our path to a somewhat certain death.
If you have anything to spare, feel free to contact us about it or if you feel really happy
and in a giving mood, you can just order it from our amazon wish list.

Item Quantity Sponsored / Donated by
Ponchos 2
Motor Oil (~5L) 1 Team Venture
Toolset for Car (Wrench, Bit drivers, Etc) 1 Team Venture
Jumper Cables 1 tretton37
WalkieTalkie 4 Pontus & Christian
Washer fluid (Concentrate, 5L) 2 tretton37
Jack (Proper one) 1 tretton37
Jerrycan (20L) 4 tretton37
Duct Tape Roll 6
Duct Tape Roll 2 tretton37
Extra Car Battery 1 Christian
Extra light bulb set 1 Team Venture
Extra tires 4 TIAB
New Tires 8 TIAB
Traction Pads 2 tretton37
Roof rack 1 tretton37
Roof box/ski box 1 tretton37
Work Gloves 1 Christian
Road Flares (10 pack) 1 Christian
Wiper blades (1 set) 2 tretton37
Straps (1 set)/td> 2 Team Venture
Tire Iron 1 Christian
Window hammer/Belt cutter kit 2 Christian
Fire extinguisher (small) 2 tretton37
Fire Blanket 2 tretton37
Instant tire can 4 tretton37
Mini Compressor 1 tretton37
12v Water Kettle 1 Pontus
Extra roof mounted head lights 2 Christian
Inverters (12V > 230V) 2 Christian
Superglue 2 tretton37
Coloring books & Crayons (for the kids) XX Lina, Alexander & Iben
Flash light (BIG) 2 Christian
Headlamp 5
Plastic straps (Big pack) 1 Team Venture
Scissors 1
Knife 1 Christian
First Aid Kit (Large one) 2 Medivet
Compass (Army grade) 1
Wet wipes (Big pack/100-pack) 2
Toilet paper (6 pack) 1 Jompe
Poop shovel 2 Pontus
Bribe Cigarettes (Marlboro, Red) 6
Plastic Padding 1 Team Venture
Maps (for countries outside EU) 1 Pontus
Water proof matches 2 Team Venture
Jod (Anti bacterial) 2
Trangia 1
Painkillers (Paracetamol, Tylenol) 4 Team Venture
Tents (2+3) 2
Earplugs (big pack) 4
Sleeping bags 5
Sleeping bagliners 5
Camping mattress 5
Warm light jacket 5
Warm underwear suit (set) 5
GPS Logger (SPOT) 1 Pontus
Water proof bags for storage 5
Hatchet 1
Lantern 2 Christian
Backpack (large) 2
Cuttlery 5 Team Venture
Point It: Traveller's language kit 1 Christine Graybeal
Kåsor (Small+Large Set) 5
Super-Bright 21-LED Aluminum Flashlight 1 Christine Graybeal
Sunscreen 10/25/50 6 Team Venture
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes (1 pack) 20
Germ-X Hand Sanitizer 10
Coolbox 1 Christian
Folding Chairs 6
FireSteel 1 Pontus
Thai hammock 1 Pontus
Lightweight Camping Cookset 1 Christine Graybeal


Lets help each other help others.



Together with SOS Children’s Villages we have set up a charity page, where all the money raised goes directly to their efforts in Mongolia. Click here to go to the page.



Driving to mongolia will take much more than just guts, it takes money. So in order to do this, we need your help with gear and other usefull things. Click here to see how.



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