Day 20+21+22+ and a few hours of 23

In between all the blog posts and gallery updates from the trip, I thought you might wanted to see the seventh instalment of the Team Venture Adventure Time Ride of Your Life Videos!

We’re reaching for the Mongol border, and it’s a far reach.

Leaving Kazakhstan, driving though the motherland (russia) and being pleasantly surprised about how amazingly stunning it is. Camping and trying to reach the mongol border since it might take a few days to get through the border itself according to rumours.

And yes, it took a while to get through.

Loving every second of it.

Yppah – Never mess with sunday
Fastpoholmen – Intro

DAY 17+18+19

Moving through Kyrgyzstan, entering the ever so boring and fubar’ed Kazakstan heading towards the glorious Семей in the north east of Kazakhstan.

Speeding tickets, repairing cars and wheels .. awesome fun! :)


Music: Etienne De Crecy – Welcome (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
The music in this one might be a little weird, but hey, I’m trying things out, bare with me :)

Day 13+14+15+16

Hello there!
Fifth instalment of the awesome video-thingie is up over at Vimeo, look, listen, and share! ♥

Finally, we leave Uzbekistan after a night in the car at their border, waiting for it to open. We enter Kyrgyzstan, and oh boy was this country nice to drive around in … enjoy!

Music: Sagor & Swing – Livet nere på jorden

Hopefully, the other guys have written or edited some pictures to fill this void between video updates! :)


Day 1 – Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Day 1 – Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Sunday morning, didn’t feel anything special, as we talked about in a blog post further down. I was not supposed to be picked up until around 8 PM (which then turned into 9.30 PM) left me with some spare time to just re-pack a few 200 times, and make sure I had everything, which I probably don’t. Also get luck wished upon by friends from north to south by phone, and slowly it started to sink in, this thing, we’re doing it.

Christian and the guys were late (as calculated of course ;)), and around 10 PM, we were off. First stop, the ferry in Rødby, via øresundsbroen, and somewhat Copenhagen.

Painless. Easy.

After the ferry, and the shopping for Mintuu, we headed towards Berlin, and then it started to get a bit blurry. Not because alcohol (don’t drink and drive kids), but because we arrived in Germany after 1 AM, and we’ve all been up since 7-8 AM the day before. But, due to a deadline of when we needed to be in Klenova (Klenova Castle), we trucked on as they say. Big up to Jompe who more or less drove for 11 hours straight, to get us there in time (Yeah, my face was so sleep deprived, that I couldn’t see straight, so he filled my shifts).

There’s not much to say about the drive down to Czech and Klenova other than the thing above. Well, that, and “holy shit what Germany is ‘grey’ ”. Kind of like, god created earth, and on the seventh day, he tried out the cool feature in photoshop that he just found, called “Desaturate”.

Czech had an amazing countryside. We entered in through Chemnitz, and over that little hill-range located after the border. Amazing scenery, and amazing roads.

A few hours of driving and asking for directions commenced, which made us end up at the Castle in Klenova, for the Adventurist’s Mongol Rally Launch Party.

This was around 2.30 PM, almost the time we wanted to be there … ish.

So, tents where put up, beers was had, and instead of power-naps, we socialized with the other teams who had arrived. A lot new and old faces, and even people whom had family that some of us knew in real life. Good times.

Next we knew, it was 7 PM. This is where we should have gone to bed.

Instead we went up to the castle, drank some more beers, ate some food, socialized for the better half of 2 hour. Then, the wall hit us all, hard. No sleep for over some odd 30 to 40 hours, mixed with alcohol and meat. For some, it hit in the form of just going to bed and passing out like a baby. Others stared blank into the darkness that was around us for a few hours. Some got food poisoning. Well, lets just go with food poisoning. Pretty cool nightmare, when there’s just one toilette (with a broken lock), and about 2-300 people, drunk. So, does the pope shit in the woods, well, this pope does. Quite a few times too during the night, but hey, practice makes perfect! I’m SO ready for Mongolia now!

… yeah, that happened.

Pretty ups and downs first day.

Team Venture Beta Camping

So, last weekend, me and Jonas took the two cars out for a spin, to try them out for longer distances, and then we ended it all with a camping out in the wilderness. We mad a little movie, enjoy!

Thanks to for all the gear they sponsored us with!

Some pictures?

Freeze dried, but hopefully tasty on the road to Mongolia!


Just ordered a couple of Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals from the internets, will be back later with a video report on how good, or bad, they are.

In other news, we got a nice email from SOS Barnbyar asking us to put a pin in the collection for their mongolian branch until after new years, and also we need to raise at least 20 000 Sek in order for them to be able to ear mark the money for Mongolia.

We’re fine with both these demands from them, since it means the money will end up exactly where we want them to.

So, the Charity drive for SOS Barnbyar has been put on hold for a little while. But we’ll be back with more info when it is time! :)

First big meeting about the mongol rally 2013 is over, and also “есть”!


Last night, we had our first meeting about the mongol rally 2013, where all team members got to meet each other, shake hands and fall in love.

We started out talking about this and that while have some food and beers, and then continuing to have a few more beers while watching the Mongol Rally DVD and REALLY getting in the mood.

In order to not get overwhelmed by all the things that has to be done, we decided to have a meeting once/month, and at these meetings decide on things that has/had to be done by next meeting. But again, not too many things, so that people get stressed or anything like that. God forbid!

So for the next meeting, all the press material and sponsor material shall be done (actually, that shit should be done yesterday). And also, Christian and Jompe has been put in charge of getting us 2 cars. Most probably by going down to Germany and picking them up, since it’s way cheaper, and they have good beer :)

Instead of trying to raise money for 2 cars, we’ve decided to buy them ourself, and try and make that money back after we get the cars. Feels like the sponsors will see it more like “this is for real”, if we can show them that rally will happen, with or without their help (tho, preferably with their help).

Me and Christian also introduced the team uniforms, or, some parts of it. Everyone tried them on for size so that we know which sizes to order. We’re going for The Life Aquatic, meets Ghostbusters, meets Deliverance. Yes.

… meeting was done by 9.30PM, and I was in bed by 10.30PM. I’m such an old man I am.

The russian teaching is going so so. I know how to say man, woman, boys, eat and drink. All which will probably be very handy during the trip :)