Day 30+31+32+33+34+35+36

Still in Mongolia, still struggling to get to Ulanbataar.

One car breaks down, we fix it, second car breaks down, we tow it … for 350km. Good times!
Cars keeps getting stuck, breaking down, loosing parts, making noise. But we will not give up!
We reach the finish line. We did it. We’re fucking awesome.


This was the most epic adventure I have ever done, and probably ever will do, something I’ll remember for the rest of my life … not a day goes by without me thinking about it.

Let me know if you have any questions about the rally if you’re planing to do it. I’m here to help!


Skip & Die – Anti-Capitalista
Mr. Bill, ill-esha – Quixotically Speaking

And the countdown begins

And the countdown begins

Today my friends, it is only one month left. One month left until we set out on a journey of a life time. One month left until we get to show all you haters that THIS, is really happening. One month left until we get lost. Get lost in what is hopefully a world filled of new exciting challenges.

One month.

Dear soon to be Mongol Ralliers

My name is Naviguru Travis and I am a Mongol Rally veteran.

What you are about to embark on is an experience that will fill your life with wonder and happiness for the rest of your existence. The journey, the madness, the friends who will be in your life forever; the noise that never stops when you return.

What you imagine is only the beginning, and a beautiful place to start. What you will embrace is a world that belongs to each and every one of you in one form or another. You will find infinite happiness in the sunsets over barren plains, the energy and chaos of parties you will create. The roads and the lack of them. The miles before you will become the miles of your life. What you think is just a car will be your love. What you believe to be a city explored will become a constant craving. And the friends you will meet will fill you with completeness forever. Be ready to embrace.

The Mongol Rally never stops. Each and every day I have talked about, been reminded of, and connected with; the journey, the lifelong friends, and the pure love that will become your constant companion. It never stops. And for you, it is just about to begin.

So fill your minds and hearts with excitement. Allow the madness to take over. And become part of the world and the rally that is taking you there.

Happy days and eternal love, from a kindred spirit and one who can feel every bit of your upcoming journey. Have fun and live every moment. To my veterans, you all know how this feels.

He makes you want to go do this, right?

One month.

Say HELLO to the fifth (and formerly secret) member! HELLO MATT!!

So, due to national security officials worries about his imminent personal safety, we’ve been forced to keep member #5’s identity (heh, tity) a secret this far.


But no more!

Say hello to Matt K Gelgota, the one, the only. The only one.

Matt is a globetrotter that would put marco polo to shame, and this will come in handy whilst traveling 1/3 around the globe in our two small and stupid cars.

He’s in charge of haggling/barter/shenanigans, and he’s good at it. He once made an Egyptian street vendor pay him money to accept a golden Scarab that could open the door at the secret 7th pyramid of Giza. He melted it down into 4 rings, and spread them in the four corners of the world, since he thought that the world was not ready.

.. or something like that.

He’s been imported straight from Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, via Ibaraki via Nottingham via Nishiogikubo via Nakamurabashi via Nerima-ku via Azabu Juban via Boston via Oxford via Wisconson via Michigan. And now he’s here!

… I bet you’re regretting posting that image on the internets right about now ;)