Status Update.

Well.. not much happening at the moment. Christian & Jompe is hopefully working hard on figuring out what car to get and how and when. We emailed a bunch of cars salesmen people last week, and no one has yet replied. No one. In this day and age, you at least reply to an email, even if you’re not interested, right? Or am I the only one that replies to emails?

The sponsor PDF is almost done. We’re just running thru the spelling and grammar in it, since lets face it, I’m not the best guy when it comes to grammar and spelling :)

Also met with two awesome people from Uzbekistan last saturday, turned out that a friend worked with an Uzbek™, so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to pick his brain about the country and … well … drink a beer or two of course. I got a lot o information, and some clarifications on certain things I didn’t really understand. All in all, a good night, and I hope to hook up with Timu more. They promised to help me with the Russian too when I’m a bit further down the road learning it. Awesome! :)

First big meeting about the mongol rally 2013 is over, and also “есть”!


Last night, we had our first meeting about the mongol rally 2013, where all team members got to meet each other, shake hands and fall in love.

We started out talking about this and that while have some food and beers, and then continuing to have a few more beers while watching the Mongol Rally DVD and REALLY getting in the mood.

In order to not get overwhelmed by all the things that has to be done, we decided to have a meeting once/month, and at these meetings decide on things that has/had to be done by next meeting. But again, not too many things, so that people get stressed or anything like that. God forbid!

So for the next meeting, all the press material and sponsor material shall be done (actually, that shit should be done yesterday). And also, Christian and Jompe has been put in charge of getting us 2 cars. Most probably by going down to Germany and picking them up, since it’s way cheaper, and they have good beer :)

Instead of trying to raise money for 2 cars, we’ve decided to buy them ourself, and try and make that money back after we get the cars. Feels like the sponsors will see it more like “this is for real”, if we can show them that rally will happen, with or without their help (tho, preferably with their help).

Me and Christian also introduced the team uniforms, or, some parts of it. Everyone tried them on for size so that we know which sizes to order. We’re going for The Life Aquatic, meets Ghostbusters, meets Deliverance. Yes.

… meeting was done by 9.30PM, and I was in bed by 10.30PM. I’m such an old man I am.

The russian teaching is going so so. I know how to say man, woman, boys, eat and drink. All which will probably be very handy during the trip :)

Soft start.

Disk3018Even tho the sponsor proposals are not entirely done yet, and same goes for the press kit we’re working on, we have started emailing possible sponsors on the list, asking them for help, and shortly telling our story. Hopefully these sponsors might be able to help us out, and it gives us the necessary education on how to talk to people about what we’re doing (none of us are salesmen, so we can use some trail and error education here dude).

Remember to be honest, transparent and sincere, this is very important (not only here, but also in all aspects of your life).

I picked up some Russian language teaching books, and some russian hiphop, so soon I’ll be fluent in this language of yours Boris!

Preliminary dates and days abroad.

Well, we have started to try and figure out how the heck we’re gonna drive to get to our final destination. And for you who might be interested in how the planing is coming along, well, here’s the preliminary dates and times spent in each country.. with some errors here and there.

First big meeting.

So, the first big team meeting is coming up.

We’ve gotten our (as for now, secret) 6th member for the rally, and it will be fun to see his childlike face skype’d in at the meet-up.

At the meeting we will be discussing a lot of things. Delegating everything that has to be done for our Mongol Rally participation next year will be a big part, and of course putting up deadlines for most things. Not only when they should be done, but also when they should be started…. oh yeah, and drink some beers.

We are currently working on both press material and sponsorship proposals, and are hoping to have them ready for meeting so that we can start planing up the way to contact potential sponsors the best way.

One suggestion is to start with used cars dealers for a first run of donations, with the hopes of a full car sponsorship from one of them. It is a bit naïve, yes, but one can hope! If that fails, we will continue on to the other potential sponsors in our neck f the woods, companies as well as friends and colleagues.

The proposed team uniform will be presented, and voted on. You’ll see it as soon as it has been decided on how the final look will be, but try and imagine A life Aquatic meets Saturday Night Fever meets The Blue Oyster Club from the Police Academy films.. yeah, smoking hot!

We’ll get back to you with more info on what went down at the meeting later.

Let the growing of beards begin.

– Pontus Madsen –

It has started.

So.. how does this work?

Do we write this in english or swedish?
I guess we’ll start with english, so most of you can understand what’s going on and not to alienate anyone (anyone that can read my crappy english that is).

The entrance fee has been payed, the team has been set and there was much joy.

Now the real work begins.

We need to figure out a plan on how to raise money for charities, we need to pick one charity of our own, we need to get some sponsors (this rally won’t be cheap) and most of all, we need to decide on a car to use.

Why are we doing this? And what is this?

Glad you asked.

The Mongol Rally is a car rally that begins in Europe and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The principal launch is from Goodwood Circuit, United Kingdom, with subsidiary starting points in other European countries, we’re starting from the Czech Republic.

It is described as the “greatest adventure in the world”. Whilst originally the rally required competing vehicles to have an engine displacement of less than 1,000cc, this has been increased to 1,200 cc to reflect the increasing difficulty of obtaining a car since the Mongolian government stipulated that all competing vehicles must be less than 10 years old.

The rally is designed to be an adventure for the participants, and not a traditional rally/race. The organisers (“The Adventurists“) are careful to point out that racing on highways is illegal, and that no recognition is given to the first finisher.

There are other differences from mainstream rallies, particularly the fact that no support team is provided and no other arrangements are made such as for accommodation. Indeed, the diminutive vehicles are deliberately inappropriate for the task, in the adventurous spirit of the rally.

When you arrive in Ulan Bator, your car is auctioned off, with all the raised money going to charity. So you’ll have to walk home (or take a flight, or something like that).

The The organisers warns against the risks of this kind of adventure. An undisclosed number of racers have been injured since 2004. In 2010 an adventurer was killed and two injured in an accident while crossing Iran.

So why are we doing this? Isn’t it obvious?!
We love charity, and we love adventure, so this rally is to good to pass up on.

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