Mr.Matiz is dead, long live Matiz!

Happy new year yo!
Hope you all are having a great start to the new year. We are. Well, except one little setback.

So, right before Xmas, we took the two cars up to a friend of ours that doubles as a mechanic, and gave the two beasts a thorough go thru.

Turns out that the Matiz was not doing so good, so we had to send him up state to that farm my mum sent my cat when I was 4 years old.

We got the money back for the old Mr.Matiz, and invested it in a brand new 10 year old Skoda Fabia, yes, a Skoda Fabia. We really need to have two car of the same make, to make the trip a whole lot “easier”. There was much joy.

.. until we noticed that the car was 7 days too old.


Now we need to sell the Fabia, derp, and buy a new one.



Soon a new year, soon a new site!

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.26.51 AM

Hey there.

So, happy new years people, hope this evening will be an epic celebration for you guys, and I hope you all get a good start on the new year!

I’m slowly getting my shit together and this temporary site will be transformed into something more fancy looking, and easier to use ;)

You can have a little preview of the new site here, if you promise to remember that it’s not done, and the links doesn’t work … but it’s responsive! :D

Venture T.W.O has been accumulated!


Hello again everyone!

We have bought the second car!

It’s a 2004 Fabia Hatchback with only 6900 km on the meter. It comes with awesome front seat heaters and a wonderful dent on the front left fender.

Also, it smells faintly of cat piss but engine and transmission runs golden. At 73 horse power it will be the trust steed of the Silver Team, aka team cold beer (it has a power outlet in the boot for the fridge).

So, merry xmas and we’ll start pimping the cars in the new year!

Before we leave you for the festivities, here’s a few more pictures of the glorious bastard.




Venture O.N.E has been accumulated!


So, yesterday, we went to look at a car, just to see how small it was, so that we could write it off as “not drivable all the way to Mongolia”.


It turned out that the car was way more roomy than we had expected, and the price the guy gave us was insanely cheap (we hope so at least :) … no read warning flags here, no no no!). So we ended up faling in love, and bringing him home.

Say hello to the latest addition to the Team Venture, we call him “Venture One”, aka “Mr. Matiz”, aka “Metallic-orangeback Mountain”, aka “Sugar top”.. WOHOO!!

This beauty is a Daewoo Matiz 1.0, 63 Hk, 995 cc. It has run 13500 mil, so we know the motor IS GOOD! (Right?). The colour is something people like to call Metallic Orange, but we call it “sunburst on a rainy day in the palmir”, same same.

ABS breaks, AC, Airbag on the driver side, CD-stereo (CD!!!), electrical window-thingies in the front … analog in the back. 5 doors, buttons on the key that you can lock the car with (this my friends, is indeed, the future!), seat heaters for the front seats (tho, I think these might not work). Also have outside temp. meter .. haven’t been able to locate this one .. maybe it’s on the outside of the car or something.

Some more images? YES!





We’re not dead, we’re just sleeping.

Yeah, been quiet here for a little while, I know. We’re busy.. well, finding the two cars. Oh, and getting ready for the holidays, with all that comes with it. Work deadlines, shopping for gifts, cancelling subscriptions for chocolate calendars.

But, fear not, we will be back soon with some updates on how everything is going in debt.

In the meantime, take a peek at our indiegogo-campaign, it’s moving along nicely.

Talk to you soon, and happy holidays if not! :D

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