4 Guys, 14 000 KM, 17 Countries, 3 Mountain Ranges, 2 Continents , 1 HUGE desert ... and in 4 weeks? We’re in for an adventure to end all adventures!

This summer, we are doing a charity rally called “Mongol Rally”. We will attempt to drive from Sweden to Mongolia in two completely unsuitable cars with no modern aids of navigation or communication. When/if we arrive in Mongolia, we will donate the two cars to charity.

It is about good old style adventure, no back up, no sat phones, nobody to bail you out if the shit hits the fan, or the fan falls off all together, and it’s about raising money for Charity. In our case, SOS Children’s Villages and their awesome work.

To be able to do this rally, you need to be somewhat insane, or at least have a small death wish, which is the same as being an adventurist, so we chose our travel companions carefully.


The Mongol Rally is not a banger rally. When/if your vehicle reaches Mongolia, it is repaired and either donated for use by a charitable organisation or sold with the proceeds donated to grass roots charity projects in Mongolia.

it's simple

follow The rules

The Mongol Rally is an adventure, not a holiday, so you must make things difficult for yourself. Since the dawn of Rally Time the 1 litre (ish) rule has stood fast to ensure a high standard of adventurism and glorious mayhem. Cars should be small with an engine displacement of no larger than 1.2 litres. Tiny Granny-mobiles if you will. Big 4×4′s are totally unacceptable because they are boring.

For the Mongol Rally 2013 your vehicle must be first registered AFTER 1st January 2004. Awesome!?

Venture UNO


We will be driving two cars to the beautiful and magical land of Mongolia. Mr.Matiz will not be one of them. Sadly, we had to send him to that farm up state.

We did however find an awesome 2004 Skoda Fabia to replace him, named "Ponbiki".

"Ponbiki" is exactly the same as Venture TWO, just without the alluring smell of cat piss. It will be a pleasure to drive this trustworthy steed all the way to Mongolia.

Venture two

Skoda Fabia

The second car we've chosen for this magical unicorn adventure, is a 2004 Skoda Fabia, with only 69.000 km on the meter. It comes with awesome front seat heaters and a wonderful dent on the front left fender.

Also, it smells faintly of cat piss but engine and transmission runs golden. At 73 horse power it will be the trust steed of the Silver Team, aka team cold beer (it has a power outlet in the boot for the fridge).


Our path to a somewhat certain death.

There are an array of suggested routes that teams may take. After setting off from Goodwood or the other Western European start point at Klenova Castle in the Czech republic.

Typical routes then head for Moscow, Kiev or Istanbul, though teams have travelled as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Teams taking the Ukraine/Russia route or the more southerly Turkey and Iran route often converge at Samarkand, Uzbekistan before proceeding north-east for Mongolia.

The final leg of the rally takes surviving vehicles into Mongolia and on to finish in the capital, Ulan Bator. None of the available routes are comfortable or safe: damage to cars, robberies and minor injuries are common.

Year on year as the rally gains popularity, more and more car accidents occur and many participants require hospital treatment. On 6 August 2010, two British participants died and one other team mate was seriously hurt after a road accident in Iran (near the border between Iran and Turkmenistan).

Depending on the route taken, the total distance driven is around almost thirteen thousand kilometres, and most teams complete the rally within three to four weeks.

Our route is only on paper for now, and not set in stone, but so far it looks like some 12.683 km, 160 hours and a whole lot of fun going through:

Sweden > Germany > Czech Rep* > Germany > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Serbia > Bulgaria > Turkey > Iran > Turkmenistan > Uzbekistan > Kyrgyztan > Kazakhstan > Russia > Mongolia.

Well, updated route, since Iran stopped issuing visas, and georgia/russian border is not so very reliable: Sweden > Denmark > Germany > Czech Rep* > Slovakia > Hungary > Romania > Moldova > Ukraine > Russia > Kazakhstan > Uzbekistan > Kyrgyztan > Kazakhstan > Russia > Mongolia.

* Our official start of the rally.


To be able to do this rally, you need to be somewhat insane, or at least have a small death wish, which is the same as being an adventurist, so we chose our travel companions carefully.

Choose people you trust with your life, since it might very well happen that you’ll be needing to do just that somewhere in the kazhak desert. People who you can throw a rock at when they snore too loud, without them getting too pissy about it.

This project is more than anything a personal adventure for us. It is about putting us in not normal situations and challenging ourselves to think outside the box and solving problems not faced with in everyday life.

Pontus Madsen

The team navigator. Knows how to navigate. Or at least that’s what the stories tell. There’s only one way to find out, and that will be in Mongolia.. where there are no roads.


Medic, and backup mechanic.
This traveler of the worlds has been and seen everything, from classy hotels to.. well, classy hotels. Likes to drive fast muscle cars super fast.. so he’s shit out of luck for this adventure, since the cars we’ll drive will be something completely different.


Growing up in the deep woods of northern sweden has given this young man nothing but loath for snow, trees and cold. This adventure we’re embarking on is the total opposite, so he’ll be the happy camper all the way.. and back.


This fine young man has been to the end of the world and back, and will with his wit and awesomeness be a good guide into the unknown. Directly imported from Hong Kong via The UK via Tokyo via China via The US and Detroit.


The worlds best Charity Rally ever!


  • Approx 13,000km depending on the route
  • From London or the Czech Rep to Ulan Bator (Mongolia)
  • 300+ teams – no official price given to first comers
  • Partially challenging or even no roads
  • To make it even harder no fancy cars are allowed – max 1.2 litre engines. 4×4 are an absolute NO and other equipment such as an GPS’ shouldn’t be used – this means paper maps only or navigation by the stars
  • Teams enjoy complete freedom to pick their own route
  • It starts on Saturday the 13th July 2013 – we need to get the the finish within 3 1/2 weeks or we miss our flights back…
  • The Mongol Rally is 12,000 km of messy, euphoric, adrenaline-filled adventure. The goal is to get your car or motorbike from London to Ulaanbaatar in a month, then auction your car off to charity.
    The chance to get stuck, lost and full of tales of adventure
    A few bucket loads of good karma
    A cuddly toy (actually that’s a lie)
    Some stats about the mongol rally for you.

    Epic adventure is not the only draw with with Mongol Rally. Raising money for charity is a HUGE part of the rally. Each team is required to raise at least 1,000 GBP for charity before the rally. Half of the money raise will go towards the rally’s charity, and the other half goes to a charity chosen by the team.

    Choosing a car for the rally is a challenge and hopefully a lot of fun as well. There are a couple of restrictions for the rally. The car has to have an engine size of 1.2 litres or less, the car must be registered after 2004, and taking a 4×4 or large vehicle is considered being a pansy.

    There is so much to do before the rally starts in July 2013. One of the biggest things is to find sponsors for the rally and raise some money for charity. Both will be a lot of work, but we’re totally up to the challenge. Bring it on!


    Lets help each other help others.



    Together with SOS Children’s Villages we have set up a charity page, where all the money raised goes directly to their efforts in Mongolia. Click here to go to the page.



    Driving to mongolia will take much more than just guts, it takes money. So in order to do this, we need your help with gear and other usefull things. Click here to see how.



    Spread the word of our amazing adventure to all your friends. It’s all about awareness. It’s all about the cause! Social Media! Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook.