3 Guys, 4 000 KM, 2 Countries, a couple of Mountains (?) ... some desert? In mexico? We’re in for an adventure!

This winter, we are doing a rally called “Baja 4000”. Driving from Los Angeles, to Los Angeles ... via Baja California Sud, and stuff.

Don't really know that much about the rally, more than the fact that we're signed up, and have payed the pay-this-so-that-you-may-do-the-rally ... exciting!


To be able to do this rally, you need to be somewhat insane, or at least have a small death wish, which is the same as being an adventurist, so we chose our travel companions carefully.

Choose people you trust with your life, since it might very well happen that you’ll be needing to do just that somewhere in the kazhak desert. People who you can throw a rock at when they snore too loud, without them getting too pissy about it.

This project is more than anything a personal adventure for us. It is about putting us in not normal situations and challenging ourselves to think outside the box and solving problems not faced with in everyday life.

Pontus Madsen

The team navigator. Knows how to navigate. Or at least that’s what the stories tell. There’s only one way to find out, and that will be in Mexico .. chased by federales.


Growing up in the deep woods of northern sweden has given this young man nothing but loath for snow, trees and cold. This adventure we’re embarking on is the total opposite, so he’ll be the happy camper all the way.. and back.


This amazing gentleman has been with us for almost every adventure to this day, not in the flesh, but in spirit. He will kill you with kindness and hugs, so beware!


4000km off-road rally raid in Mexico!