Tomorrow, wish it was yesterday, so that I knew what tomorrow feels like.

Tomorrow, wish it was yesterday, so that I knew what tomorrow feels like.

So, tomorrow we leave … for Mongolia.

Last couple of days as we’ve been going through all the “last meet before you guys leave”-events one by one, I’ve been asked a few times, -“So, how does it feel?!”. And to be honest, I don’t feel anything special right now. Sure, it “feels” more and more real for every hour, but I don’t think I’ll realise what the hell it is we’ve gotten ourselves into for another week or so.

Don’t get me wrong here folks, I AM super stoked about the idea of driving to Mongolia, and I AM looking forward to this, but as it is right now, I still don’t have that “night before xmas when you where 9”-feeling.

It’s just, unlike when you go to Tokyo, New York or whatever for first time, when you know for sure what to expect, this is just so, so so so, unreal. So abstract. So unimaginable. It almost feels like it’s all just a dream. I mean, who drives to Mongolia in a way to small car? Dude, who does that?

Apparently, we do.

All the things I’ve read about, which has had to do with the rally could just as well have been a novel, science fiction novel, since everything they write about is so strange, so unordinary, so unpredictable, so adventures, and so awesomely brilliant.

Slowly this thing will sink in, but most probably when I’m knee deep in it, when it’s too late to stop and think about it, and it’s just pedal to the metal, and “gilla läget™”.

Tomorrow, the other guys are picking me up around 7 or 8 PM, and then, well, then it’s ON.

I’m scared. In a good way.