I got 99 problems, and two cars is one.

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 11.48.30 AM

Cars cars cars.

Working hard, oh so hard, to get us the two cars we need to do this god forsaken but truly amazing rally. We’ve talked to Mini/BMW about sponsoring us, but we’ve yet to hear back from them about the final judgement. Fingers crossed tho, super crossed! :) I even made a beta version of the start page for this site, which will be used as start page if we get a car sponsorship, to utilise the space 110% and make the sponsor/s really show (with borrowed code from Adidas). Almost looks like it was a campaign site for a car.

We have been around and about, looking at backup cars, and it is looking like a bright future if the sponsorship falls through … but we hope it doesn’t have to go to that :)

Have a nice weekend people, and take care of each other.