Meeting number Two, and the smell of an un-route seen before.

planning(My map and drawings, trying to explain the route to my team mates)

So, meeting number two has been dealt with. It was held on the 52nd floor of the turning torso, and it was amazing. Well, except for the gas we all got from eating a really sketchy pizza before the meeting, so the place was not odor-less™.

We started out with me, drawing and talking about what un-route we are going to take, what dates, and how long the diferent stages takes. Since I’ve been using google maps a lot, none of the dates will actually be accurate, and the distances will probably take twice as long as expected, but hey, we have a route at least. Start at the 14th from Klenova Castle, and make it to the Mongolian border before 2’nd of August … those are the two main dates we have to stick to.

Second thing on the agenda was taking pictures of each team member in the outfit we’ve bought for the rally. Will post pictures here … one at a time.

We also tried out some freeze dried food, which will be used as back up food on the trip. I will post movie shot/s of that later :)

Then we went thru the status on the cars, and the new deadline is now “by the end of November”, since we’re waiting to hear from a sponsor that (*fingers crossed*) might be able to help us out with the cars. Giving them a little while longer to get back to us, and if that falls through, we will start organising the buying of the cars, since time is running out on this part of the project.

Wondering why? Well, first, it’s a matter of showing potential backers that we’re dedicated about doing this. And second, we need to have this ready before January when most companies plan their 2013 budgets for advertising, and well, we want to be in that budget. As soon as we have the cars, the fundraising can start for real. For realz™. For sure.

It was a good meeting, and we stayed a bit after the meeting was over, just chatting and messing around. The group is getting to know each other better and better, and everyone is slowly realising that this will be awesome. Truly awesome.