First big meeting about the mongol rally 2013 is over, and also “есть”!


Last night, we had our first meeting about the mongol rally 2013, where all team members got to meet each other, shake hands and fall in love.

We started out talking about this and that while have some food and beers, and then continuing to have a few more beers while watching the Mongol Rally DVD and REALLY getting in the mood.

In order to not get overwhelmed by all the things that has to be done, we decided to have a meeting once/month, and at these meetings decide on things that has/had to be done by next meeting. But again, not too many things, so that people get stressed or anything like that. God forbid!

So for the next meeting, all the press material and sponsor material shall be done (actually, that shit should be done yesterday). And also, Christian and Jompe has been put in charge of getting us 2 cars. Most probably by going down to Germany and picking them up, since it’s way cheaper, and they have good beer :)

Instead of trying to raise money for 2 cars, we’ve decided to buy them ourself, and try and make that money back after we get the cars. Feels like the sponsors will see it more like “this is for real”, if we can show them that rally will happen, with or without their help (tho, preferably with their help).

Me and Christian also introduced the team uniforms, or, some parts of it. Everyone tried them on for size so that we know which sizes to order. We’re going for The Life Aquatic, meets Ghostbusters, meets Deliverance. Yes.

… meeting was done by 9.30PM, and I was in bed by 10.30PM. I’m such an old man I am.

The russian teaching is going so so. I know how to say man, woman, boys, eat and drink. All which will probably be very handy during the trip :)