Preliminary dates and days abroad.

Well, we have started to try and figure out how the heck we’re gonna drive to get to our final destination. And for you who might be interested in how the planing is coming along, well, here’s the preliminary dates and times spent in each country.. with some errors here and there.


Klenova Castle > Germany/Austria/Slovenia > Zagreb > Belgrade: /// 1 day (10h)
Belgrade > Istanbul: /// 1 day (16h)
Istanbul > Tblisi: /// 2 days (22h)
—————— (border crossing) ——————
Tblisi > Baku: /// 1 day (6h)
Baku, wait for the boat: /// 0 – 2 days
Baku > Turkmenbashi: /// 1 day (boat)
—————— (border crossing) ——————
Turkmenbashi > Hell’s gate > Turkmenabat /// 3 days
—————— (border crossing) ——————
Turkmenabat > Hovos > Tashkent: /// 1 day
—————— (border crossing) ——————
Tashkent > Shymkent > Tole Bi > Astana > Pavlodar: /// 2 days
—————— (border crossing) ——————
Pavlodar > Barnaul > Tsagaannuur: /// 1-2 days
—————— (border crossing) ——————
Tsagaannuur (Mongolian border) > Ulanbatar: /// minimum 5 days

Equals: 21 days.

+1 day for each border crossing outside EU.
Equals: 27 days

*This is if we do somewhat 10h driving/day.

Tashkent > Shymkent > Tole Bi > Astana > Pavlodar
This can be done in 23 hours of straight driving, if we leave out Astana.
But I think Astana will be worth checking out.

We have 28/29 days to do this, the other teams that I have found who have done the same route (except hell’s gate) have managed to do it in 26 days. They made frequent stops and some detours in EU, so if the Baku boat is leaving the same day we get there, we will be just fiiiiine.
I also added 6 days of border crossings, and 2 day wait for the boat in Baku, as a worst case scenario, which even if happened, would not prevent us from reaching the goal on time to get home :)

The route
As you might have noticed, the rout changed yet again a little bit. The new changes in EU is because the EU is boring and we just want to get out of it ASAP, hence the fastest route possible to Istanbul.

Iran? Yeah, no Iran anymore I’m afraid.
Main reason is the latest team member, since he’s an american, and the Iranians (as well as most people) hate americans. Another HUGE reason for ditching Iran is the fact that we need a Carnet de Passages for entering Iran with our vehicles. This would mean a cost of (if unlucky) up to 80.000 Skr for both cars if not more. Also, the boat ride is supposed to be AWESOME, and se get to see Hell’s gate.


These dates does not include waiting for any boats and no lines at the border crossings. This way we can try and figure out dates for Visas. Better have the visa start one day earlier than your arrival than one day later (since you’ll be stuck in no man’s land during that time). Then again.. some Visas are only for 5 days.. hmmm.. tricky one.

We Leave /// Date

Klenova Castle PARTY! /// 15 July Monday
Klenova Castle /// 16 July – Tuesday
Belgrade /// 17 July – Wednesday
Istanbul /// 18 July – Thursday
Tblisi /// 20 July – Saturday
Baku /// 21 July – Sunday
Turkmenbashi /// 22 July – Monday
Hell’s gate /// 23 July – Tuesday
Turkmenabat /// 25 July – Thursday
Tashkent /// 26 July – Friday
Balqash /// 27 July – Saturday
Pavlodar /// 28 July – Sunday
Tsagaannuur /// 30 July – Tuesday
Latest ARRIVAL in Ulanbatar for party time explosion! /// 10 Augusti – Saturday
Ulanbatar /// 11/12 August

That’s how the first version of the schedule looks like for now.