First big meeting.

So, the first big team meeting is coming up.

We’ve gotten our (as for now, secret) 6th member for the rally, and it will be fun to see his childlike face skype’d in at the meet-up.

At the meeting we will be discussing a lot of things. Delegating everything that has to be done for our Mongol Rally participation next year will be a big part, and of course putting up deadlines for most things. Not only when they should be done, but also when they should be started…. oh yeah, and drink some beers.

We are currently working on both press material and sponsorship proposals, and are hoping to have them ready for meeting so that we can start planing up the way to contact potential sponsors the best way.

One suggestion is to start with used cars dealers for a first run of donations, with the hopes of a full car sponsorship from one of them. It is a bit naïve, yes, but one can hope! If that fails, we will continue on to the other potential sponsors in our neck f the woods, companies as well as friends and colleagues.

The proposed team uniform will be presented, and voted on. You’ll see it as soon as it has been decided on how the final look will be, but try and imagine A life Aquatic meets Saturday Night Fever meets The Blue Oyster Club from the Police Academy films.. yeah, smoking hot!

We’ll get back to you with more info on what went down at the meeting later.